Titan Attachments 6 FT Snow Blower Category 1 3 Point Pto Driven Directional Snow Chute


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Product description

Easily hook-up the 6 FT Snow Blower to your Category 1, 3 Point tractor to break up wet and heavy compacted snow. Don’t work in the cold any longer than you have to!
  • QUICK HITCH COMPATIBLE: We designed this 6 Foot Snow Blower to connect to your tractor’s Category 1, 3 Point hitch, making connecting to this attachment effortless.
  • DIRECTIONAL CHUTE: The chute can be positioned manually to your desired direction as well as the deflector while the 60-inch-wide body blower tackles through the cold treacherous snow. Simply rotate the handle to the desired position and you are set.
  • ADJUSTABLE SKID SHOES: No need to worry about the cutting edge on the 6 Foot Snow Blower. We have added adjustable skid shoes that not only protect your land or road but drastically extend the life of the cutting edge. These skid shoes have two adjustable positions.
  • IDEAL FOR ANY SNOW: The auger is constructed using heavy-duty steel. The ribbons are welded to the auger and are spaced evenly to break up wet and heavily compacted snow. The powerful gearbox transfers the power from your PTO to allow the 22-inch fan with 4 blades to break up and blow the unwanted snow away.
  • DIMENSIONS: This snow thrower attachment has an overall footprint of 70-inches wide by 45-inches deep. It stands 61-inches high and provides a cutting height of 26-inches, a width of 70-inches, and a depth of 9-inches. This impressive 3 Point Snow Blower weighs 735-pounds.


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