Snow Joe 96V 24″ Cordless Self-Propelled Dual-Stage Snow Blower, 4 x 12-Ah Batteries & 2 x Chargers


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Product description

WAGE WAR ON WINTER. The latest revolution in snow-clearing technology meets the 24V IONMAX Battery System with the 24-inch 96V Max Cordless Battery-Powered Self-Propelled Dual-Stage Snow Blower from SNOW JOE. Driven by Snow Joe’s exclusive 24-Volt battery series, the self-propelled SNOW JOE features four high-capacity 24-volt, 12.0-Ah lithium-ion batteries that deliver up to 96 volts of max power + performance, with zero carbon emissions for cleaner air. SNOW JOE boasts a variable drive speed lever featuring forward and reverse settings, a powerful 3200-watt brushless plowing motor + 400-watt brushless drive motor, and 2 serrated steel blades that quickly clear a 24-inch wide by 17.5-inch deep path in a single pass. Plus, the 180º auto-rotate chute throws snow up to 40 feet away, and the integrated scraper bar at the base of the unit clears right to the ground without damaging your deck, driveway or pavement. After dark, the six 3-watt LED lights brighten the way for safer nighttime clearing. And when the work is done, the two high-speed, dual-port chargers can recharge in as fast as 6 hours so you’re ready to tackle even more snow!
  • IONMAX 24-VOLT BATTERY SYSTEM: 4 x 12.0-Ah batteries + 2 x dual-port chargers
  • SELF-PROPELLED + VARIABLE DRIVE SPEED: Features forward and reverse settings
  • 2 SERRATED STEEL BLADES: clears a path 24″ wide x 17.5″ deep in a single pass
  • SCRAPER BAR: Clears to the ground without damaging decks, driveways, or pavement
  • 180º AUTO-ROTATE CHUTE: Throws snow up to 40ft away
  • 6 x 3-WATT LED LIGHTS: Light up the night for safer nighttime clearing


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