Rubi Slab Trans Heavy Duty Conveyor


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Rubi Slab Trans Heavy Duty Conveyor

The Slab Trans Heavy Duty conveyor is specially designed for the handling of ceramic sheets and large format tiles up to 320 cm long. It consists of a set of two profiles of extruded aluminum, reinforced, retractable and adjustable from 160 to 320 cm and two perpendicular crossbars that favor the robustness and stability of the whole, especially during the handling of the heaviest pieces. Thanks to the 6 vacuum suction cups, the operator can adjust the fixing points, ensuring the proper handling of the porcelain sheets. For a correct fixation of the system, the surface of the sheet must be clean of dust or other debris. The handles can be adjusted and positioned throughout the length of the guide, facilitating and adapting the Slab Trans Heavy Duty at every moment and format.

  • Set of 2 reinforced aluminum retractable profiles (160 to 320 cm)
  • 6 vacuum cups 8″, for any type of surface (3 per profile)
  • Equipped with a set of perpendicular crossbars to maximize stability
  • Additionally, the Slab Trans HD can incorporate additional suction cups (item 18827) for extra stability
  • Can be used as a complement to the Slim Cutter and TC-125 circular saw

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