Atlas 414A 14,000 lbs 4 Post Alignment Lift


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The Atlas® 414A is a 4 post alignment lift with 14,000 pounds of total lift capacity. This lift is designed and built to commercial grade standards and will provide many years of service.  

The Atlas® 414A incorporates many structural and cosmetic features that are found on lifts costing thousands of dollars more money. The 414A is tested to ensure that this lift system will perform flawlessly at its rated capacity.

The Atlas® 414A uses a high strength cable system (with a under runway oversized hydraulic cylinder) powered by a 220 volt (single phase) power unit to raise and lower the lift.

Many competitors use an “old style” chain lifting system with an exposed hydraulic cylinder system. Old style chain lifts are difficult to “level” properly and the exposed hydraulic cylinder is responsible for numerous “door dings”.

Besides having all the heavy duty features of the Atlas® 414, such as “tracks” between the runways to allow the use of a rolling bridge jack (the Atlas® RJ8000BK) on the lift (rolling jacks sold separately) the 414A features slip plates and alignment turntables.

The slip plates are built in and are assured to be level with the turntables. The turntables can be set in different positions on the runway to accommodate a wide variety of wheelbases. The 414A also features metal cover plates to replace the turntables when not in use and so the lift can be used for more than just alignments.


Features & Benefits

  • 14,000 lb. Capacity
  • Heavy Duty, Commercial Grade
  • Extra Tall, Extra Wide & Extra Long
  • Built-In Slip Plates & Alignment Turntables Included
  • Multiple Positions for Turntable Placement
  • Runway Covers Included (when Turntables are Removed)
  • Air Operated Single Point Lock Release (External Air Supply Required)
  • Lock Ladder Design
  • Double Lock Safety System
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Steel Approach Ramps Included
  • Additional Drive off Ramps Available (Sold Separately)
  • Runway Extensions Available (Sold Separately)
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • 220volt/1phase Electric Operation (Requires a 30amp Breaker)
  • Shipping Weight: 3,200 lbs.
  • 5 yr Structural – 2 yr Hydraulic Warranty – Parts Only


Atlas® ATTD-414A Specifications

Capacity 14,000 lb.
Lifting Height 80″ (6′ 8″)
Overall Width Of Columns (Without Motor) 130 7/8″ (10′ 10 7/8″)
Overall Width Of Columns (With Motor) 138 7/8″ (11′ 6 7/8″)

Overall Length With Approach Ramp

255″ (21′ 3″)
Length Between Columns 197 1/4″ (16′ 5 1/4″)
Runway Length 208 5/8″ (17′ 4 5/8″)
Runway Width 20″
Thickness Of Runway 8 3/4″
Width Between Runways 46 7/8″ (w/ Rail 44 3/8″)
Outside Runway To Outside Runway 86 7/8″ (7′ 2 7/8″)
Clearance Under Runways 71 1/4″ (5′ 11 1/4″)
Clearance Between Columns 116″ (9′ 8″)
Height Of Columns 91 1/8″ (7′ 7 1/8″)
Maximum Wheel Base 197″ (16′ 5″)
Drive Thru 102 1/8″ (8′ 6 1/8″)
Air Requirement


Motor/Electrical Requirement

220 volt single (1) phase.

A 30 amp breaker is recommended

Oil Requirement

3-5 Gallons


Shipping Weight

3,200 lbs.

Requires a minimum of 6″ of concrete with a 3000 psi. rating

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